German PV GRID Workshop - 19 February 2014 - Berlin

go here Organizer: BSW-Solar

Date: 19 February 2014

go Time: 10:00 – 17:00

Venue: NH Hotel Berlin, Friedrichstrasse

Grid Integration of Photovoltaics: Challenges and Solutions

The German PV GRID workshop discussing project results and recommendations took place on February 19, 2014. 26 participants, including experts and representatives from politics, distribution system operators (DSOs), transmission system operators (TSOs), the national regulatory authority, renewable energy associations and energy scientists attended the workshop.

The opening session provided an overview of the PV GRID project and introduced the audience to its scope, logic, approach and overall findings and results. In subsequent sessions the project partners BSW-Solar and RWE Deutschland AG presented project recommendations aimed at overcoming specific challenges posed by the current normative and regulatory framework conditions hampering the application of available technical solutions for enhancing PV hosting capacity in distribution networks in Germany. Rules and regulations regarding curtailment, energy storage and integrated smart grid solutions, including demand response, the potentially required metering infrastructure, potential ancillary services provided by RES plant operators and DSO investment recovery were amongst the topics discussed. Guest speakers provided additional insights and especially the perspective of a German transmission system operator on the project and its results was a valuable contribution to the discussion.

A series of consultation questions seeking feedback on project results and recommendations were prepared by the project partners and comments from workshop participants were gathered. Overall, fruitful discussions enhancing mutual understanding of the current challenges which prevent the application of available technical solutions took place. Comments and contributions collected during the workshop will help to refine and enhance the project’s recommendations. Discussion results will be integrated into the final European Advisory Paper, scheduled for publication in mid-2014.   

Download the documents of the workshop here (in German)

pdf click here PV GRID Workshop Agenda 19-02-14 (375 KB)
pdf Protokoll PV GRID Workshop 19-02-2014 web (234 KB)
pdf Projektergebnisse PV GRID (Bianca Barth, BSW-Solar & Dr. Oliver Franz, RWE Deutschland AG) (1.5 MB)
pdf EinsMan aus Sicht der PV Wirtschaft und im Kontext der aktuellen EEG Debatte (Rainer Brohm, BSW-Solar) (409 KB)
pdf see url EinsMan: Theorie und Praxis (Prof. Dr. Bernd Engel, TU Braunschweig) (10 min) (1.3 MB)
pdf Regulatorische Herausforderungen beim Einsatz von Speichern im Verteilnetz (Margarete v. Oppen, Kanzlei Geiser & von Oppen) (231 KB)
pdf source Speicherbetrieb: Die Erfahrungen der WEMAG (Tobias Struck, WEMAG AG) (2.9 MB)
pdf Regulatorischer Rahmen zur Umsetzung innovativer Lösungen im Verteilnetz (Prof. Dr. Gert Brunekreeft, Jacobs University Bremen) (443 KB)
pdf Welche Anforderungen ergeben sich aus der neuen Rolle der VNB? (Hanjo During, Mitteldeutsche Netzgesellschaft Strom mbH) (557 KB)
pdf Neue Konzepte zur Systemführung im Übertragungsnetz (Dr. Martin Wolter, 50Hertz Transmission Gmbh) (869 KB)
pdf Systemdienstleistungen der PV für das Verteilnetz (Prof. Dr. Bernd Engel, TU Braunschweig) (1.2 MB)

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